Vital Signs Online 2016 Website Updates

Vital Signs Online contains 181 analyses with the latest data on critical global trends. The reports include trends in the following areas:

  • 66 Articles in Energy and Transportation
  • 38 Articles in Food and Agriculture
  • 31 Articles in Global Economy and Resources
  • 26 Articles in Population and Society
  • 20 Articles in Environment and Climate

For most of the time since 2008, Vital Signs Online has added two new articles per month to the collection, either on a new topic or revisiting an old topic with updated data. Worldwatch is overhauling and modernizing the format for VSO, so new articles will be published sporadically until we complete our overhaul.

Subscribers can find all existing 181 articles and will be notified when new articles are published. During this overhaul period we make no commitments for the frequency of new articles.

Worldwatch Institute invites you to remain subscribed during this overhaul period in order to access the analyses, data, and references of existing Vital Signs trends.

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